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This just a note for remind me that two months ago (6 may 2011) i was here in indonesia.
and that is the end of my journey in United Emirates Arab. I am HOME now.

Many thanks i have to say especially to my bos “Agus Wahyudin” which brought me there and teach how to be an engineer, thanks for believing me even though the first time you met me i just only an ordinary boy that graduated from college and didn’t have any experience at all.
And also my Indonesian friends “Agus Wibowo, Imat Hikmat, Jimmy G Nasution, Muhammad Teguh P, Yunivar R, Mauldi Y Hyamara” Thanks for always treated me as your family, from you all i learn how to survive and learn how to be a man. (repeat : man)

Allright !!! this is it welcome home, welcome Indonesia, the foods, the weathers, the people, its good to be home. love Indonesia.

@dubai internasional airport with shihab

@dubai internasional airport with shihab



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